Our LEGO fan events are filled with activities for everyone. Check out some of our amazing attractions below.

LEGO City Displays

See amazing LEGO city displays. Lots to look at in these amazing displays.

LEGO Build Zones

Create what ever you want in our build zones. Thousands of pieces to make almost anything.

Character Meets

See various character throughout the event. You never know who you will see.

Art Station

Build your own design from thousands of pieces. Display your design on the art wall when you are finished.

Fan Builds

See all different types of creations built by fans in our fan zone.

Brick Vendors

Get all those hard to find LEGO products in our vendor area. Lots of new and used sets, figures, pieces and more.

Guest Speakers

Hear different guests speak in the challenge area.

Pirate Island

See Pirate Island and the large volcano. See if you can find all the hidden skulls throughout the display.

Race Ramps

Build a LEGO race car in the race zone. See who’s car can be first down the ramps.

Challenge Zone

Compete with other LEGO fans in various building competitions.

RC Cars

Race LEGO RC cars in a head to head competition with other fans. See who can be the first to cross the finish line on the LEGO off road course.

Spooky MOCs

See the spooky MOCs and see if you can find your favorite creatures. Everyone from ghost, zombies, witches and more can be found in this display.

Star Wars

See Star Wars creations. There might even be some other special meet ups in this area.


Do you love trains? Come view these wonderful train layouts.

Moon Base

You have to see this incredible LEGO moon base. Working space monorail travels throughout the display.

Reading Rest Zone

Take a break from the action in the reading rest zone. Read from lots of LEGO books or just relax on the bean bags.

STEM Spinners

Stop by and build some STEM projects with us. Create a spinner and see if yours can be the last spinning

Minifigure Merchants

Looking for that hard to find minifigure to complete your collections. Head over to the vendors to find all your favorite characters.

Duplo Zone

Let the younger kids have fun building in the Kids zone.

Helms Deep

Are you a Lord of the Rings fan? You will enjoy this battle re-creation from the movie.

Winter Village

See the over 70 square foot Winter Village including Santa’s workshop. See if you can find all the hidden Yeti.

Great Ball Contraption

Amazing LEGO Machines.


Check out these underwater displays. See all the corals, fish and other sea animals come to life in LEGO.


Beautiful LEGO art created from thousands of pieces.

Architect Zone

Build a house, apartment building, or whatever you can imagine and then add it to the fan built display.

Swamp Hunt

Find all the swamp creatures hiding throughout the swamp.

Honest Reviews

”Our kids loved the show. There was something for everyone to see and do. My kids can not wait till next year to display their Lego creations”


”It was a good show. Lots of displays. My grandson really enjoyed it. Had some older Legos that I remember. Worth the price”